A California school district is planning to add a motorcycle-based skateboarding course to its kids’ curricula, saying the sport is popular with young people and can help kids build their skills and confidence.

The school district in Rancho Cordova, Calif., has set up an online course that will teach kids how to skate and ride motorcycles on a paved course.

It’s designed to help young people develop skills like balancing, balancing skills and handling and braking.

“There’s a lot of people out there that don’t like skateboarders,” said Mark Hovat, district superintendent.

“I think skateboarding is a lot easier for a lot more people than skateboarding would be.”

Hovat said the new course is meant to teach kids that skating can be a fun and safe activity for them and that it’s a sport they can participate in as long as they’re respectful.

“It’s a safe way to skate,” he said.

“We do believe it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by kids of any age.

We want kids to be able to experience the sport and the sport can be fun.”

Rancho Cordovan’s Boardwalk Kids Skate and Roll will feature a variety of courses including a full-on obstacle course, and a short skate course that focuses on basic skills like rolling and keeping your balance.

“These courses can be played as part of the school day or used to reinforce certain skills and teach them, so it’s not like you’re just teaching it to a kid,” Hovot said.

The new course will be offered in the fall and will have about 60 to 80 students enrolled.

“I think the kids that we have in our classroom, they love it,” Hovett said.

“The kids that go to this school, they want to skate.”

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