I remember it well.

The first time I visited Peachtree Course I was 15 years old, and it was a beautiful day.

The golf course was surrounded by trees, and there were even some golf carts parked in front of the clubhouse.

My father told me the name was the same as his favourite restaurant, the Blackhawk.

But when I came back to Peachtrees I had never heard of the course, and I wondered if I had really gone wrong.

What a waste of time, I thought.

Peachtonese Golf Course was the name given to one of the most famous golf courses in the world, and the course was known for its golfers, with its iconic black-and-white stripes, long green grass and spectacular sunsets.

The name was also a joke, and we all knew it was funny, so when I heard about the course’s demise, I was quite surprised.

It’s been five years since the course closed, and now it seems like nothing is going to change.

I was in my first year of college, and after a couple of years of studying, I moved to Florida and got a job in marketing, where I did a few job interviews.

The name Peachtance wasn’t on the resume, so I decided to call the place Blackhawk Golf Course.

After I finished my marketing course, I found myself with a full-time job and a girlfriend.

I still had my degree in marketing and my job at Blackhawk was pretty well-established.

So when I got a call from the Blackhawks’ owner, he was quite excited to tell me the news.

“It’s not going to be Peachtancese,” he said.

Blackhawk Golf course is no more.

In fact, Peachtarese is now called Blackhawk Drive.

Peachtreese is no longer in the news, but I did find the Black Hawks’ old golf course at Black Hawk Drive, a name I’m not sure I would have ever imagined.

When I went to Blackhawk last year, I wanted to see how the golf course had changed over the years.

There were so many new things to see and do at BlackHawk that I was amazed I had not seen anything like it in over 30 years of living in the area.

While I was there, I got to watch a lot of golfers playing the course.

At the end of each round, they would put their clubs into a golf bag and go to the front of their cart to do their rounds.

I went along with the boys, and during one round I was looking at my cart, and one of them pulled out a club and put it into my cart.

That was it.

No more golf balls.

It wasn’t long before the golf carts were filled with golf balls, and they were all sitting in the parking lot.

No more golf course names.

No one was going to come along and give us a Peachtronics golf cart.

It was like a life-or-death decision.

Now, we are going to have to do something with Peachtronic Golf Courses, and that’s a sad day for me.

If you or someone you know needs help or support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.


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