The greatest thing that has happened to golf is a thing it’s not, says David Beckham.

“I think that is the most important thing to understand,” he said.

Would they say ‘I know a lot of great golfers in the history of the game’? “

And that is, if you were to walk into the middle of the golf course, and there was a golfer, and they were talking about their golf game, and it was just something you’d done before in your life, what would they say?

Would they say ‘I know a lot of great golfers in the history of the game’?

Or would they think ‘Oh, he’s got a great swing?’

Or would you say ‘Oh he’s a great golfer’.”

The answer is, ‘Oh yes.’

“What if there were a golcer that wasn’t really great?

And they’re sitting there, talking about a golf swing?

And if you asked them, ‘Are you going to go on and do that swing again, because you can?’ they’d say ‘No.

I’m not going to do that.

Why don’t we try it again?’ “

What if you said ‘Oh you’re great at golf, and if you can swing that swing, why don’t you do it again?

Why don’t we try it again?’

And that’s what I’m saying.

If you ask me, I think we need to find that balance between the enjoyment of the experience of golf, which is the main thing, and the enjoyment you get from watching the course.”

But you know what?

The most fun you get watching a golf course is watching the golfer who’s going to be on the tee, on the green, with a ball that’s been played over a long period of time, and when you see a great shot, that’s when you get the most enjoyment.

“I think we’re going to find it in our heads that the golf experience is not the most fun thing in the world.

We’ll just have to find something else to do.”

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