In the midst of a massive snowstorm, a group of aspiring golfers decided to build a course that they believed could take them from Portland to the Olympic Village.

It would be their own mini-summer camp.

“We’re not going to go to the Olympics, we’re going to get a little bit of snow out of Portland, so this is what we’re trying to do,” Chris Wessel, who played in the U.S. Open in 2010 and is now a golf instructor at the Portland Golf Club, told the Associated Press.

“You don’t need a bunch of lawyers to come up with a plan.

You just need some wood, some concrete, a couple of kids and a few of the right materials.”

The team was inspired by the Olympic Games and a popular online course called The Masters, which was built to accommodate a summer camp of 15 to 20 players.

A similar model, called The Tourist’s Paradise, has been built for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The golf course is named The Great Courses in honor of the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

(Photo: Jason Bean/The Oregonian/Associated Press) A group of students and members of the Portland community are now working to build The Great Lakes Course, which is in the process of becoming a full-fledged resort.

The course, which has about 1,600 bunkers and an additional 300 bunkers of bunkers, was created by students and locals to be open to the public and to offer a glimpse into what it might look like in the future.

A new website, Portland Golf Courses, offers a range of amenities, including golf lessons, a fitness center, a full bar and barbeque kitchen, a day care, a swimming pool and an indoor and outdoor tennis court.

The courses have also been designed to accommodate recreational boating and snowmobiling.

A sign posted at the entrance of the course in Portland, Oregon, says, “Do you want to be an Olympic swimmer or ski jumper?

Do you want the best courses in Oregon?

Then check out The Great Course.”

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) The Great Lake Course, located at the end of a small dirt road near the intersection of Southeast 5th Avenue and Southeast 10th Avenue, is an outdoor course built by a group who believe they can make it one of the most popular golf courses on the West Coast.

The team behind the course, called Team The Great, hopes to open the course to the general public in 2019.

The first season of the courses is scheduled to open this summer, and they have partnered with a local company called Camp Paddle to offer the course’s amenities.

Camp Paddy is owned by two men who are also golf instructors, Jason Bean and Alex Wong, who have been working with the course for about three years.

They have developed the course with help from a local community foundation, which also helps them fund the courses construction.

They’re hoping to build the course so it’s a permanent home for people with disabilities.

The club has been running the courses on and off since 2012 and hopes to have the course open in 2020.

(The Great Lakes Club, in Portland.)

The course is currently only open to golfers who are legally able to play, and some courses that are open to anyone who qualifies have been closed to the average golfer.

“The idea is that the courses are not for everyone,” Wessel told the AP.

“But there’s a place for everyone and it’s not a place that we can get into unless you have a certain level of ability and a certain amount of knowledge and a little luck.”

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