Boaters have a tough job.

They are constantly under the microscope, they are constantly watched and they are regularly subjected to a variety of different kinds of tests, inspections and regulations.

In many cases, they face penalties for the infractions they commit.

But as a rule, they do not have to worry about being fined or penalised for their own safety.

This is because the Indian government has taken a very clear stand against boat-injury-related crimes.

The government has also made it mandatory for all boat operators to undergo comprehensive safety training before taking the ferry to the port.

 So how does a person decide whether or not to take a boat trip?

As it turns out, the best advice that I could get from my colleagues in the boat safety industry was to avoid taking a boat journey.

The only thing that can really deter a boat-riding Indian from taking a trip on a boat is the threat of punishment.

That is the reason why I decided to not take a trip with my friends on a small boat that I had just purchased.

On the way home, I noticed that my friend was holding his breath, and my concern was not unfounded.

Even as a novice, I had taken a few boat trips with my wife.

The boat trips were not the same, but I was a beginner and it was only natural for me to make some mistakes.

I had the feeling that I would make a mistake or make a wrong decision at some point.

So I made the decision not to do the boat trip with them.

I am not saying that the boat trips had nothing to do with the safety of the boat.

It was just that I felt that the risks were so high and the rewards so great that it was time to stop taking the trip.

It took some time to adjust to this new decision.

As time passed, I began to understand why my friends were taking the boat ride.

They had a lot of experience, and they were familiar with many aspects of the Indian ferry business.

In fact, they had taken the ferry on more than 50 boat trips.

So it was easy to understand their decision to take the boat route over the weekend.

This is the main reason why they decided to take this boat trip on Sunday night.

The main reason is that they knew that the ferry would be arriving at the port on Monday, and the people would be waiting there.

So they decided that they would go ahead and take the ferry home on Monday night.

As I was sitting there, I was thinking about the boat’s journey to the Port of Bombay.

My friends were in a good mood.

I did not have any reservations about taking the bus home.

But when I was taking the train home, the train stopped at a station and I realised that there was no train going to the train station at that time.

So I was not sure what to do.

I was wondering if the people who had been waiting for the train would arrive for me.

At the time, I did think that the train was too late and that I should have taken the bus.

But then I realised later that it might have been a bad idea to take it.

We are all familiar with the fact that the government is not always happy with a particular decision.

If you do not like something, you can always get rid of it.

So, I tried to get rid.

I called up the Indian Railways, asking for a refund of the fare for the time the train had stopped.

They said that there is no need for refunds and that the fares were already paid for.

So if the train did not stop at the station, there was nothing wrong with the way I had decided to do things.

I am glad that I did the right thing.

For those who want to know how the Indian Government is working on the safety issue, the official statement can be read here.

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