The Recode List, an annual report from Recode, has named tech companies that made the cut.

In the past, Recode has focused on technology companies with the highest valuation, but it has been expanding its list of tech companies to include companies that are valued at a lot less.

The list is now up to 32, with more than half the companies listed as companies valued between $1 billion and $5 billion.

The companies that make the cut include Alphabet, Facebook, Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Here are the tech companies listed on the Recode list, along with their valuation.

Amazon – $1.8 billionThe Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most successful cloud services in history, and Amazon’s recent acquisition of cloud service Amazon Web Service (AWSL) is a major reason for the company’s success.

The company also has an enormous focus on the health care market, and has a deep relationship with doctors and hospitals.

It has also recently announced plans to buy Whole Foods.

In 2020, Amazon is planning to sell Whole Foods for $13 billion.

Amazon is also the leading cloud provider in the United States.

Amazon’s AWS cloud has been the company of choice for consumers, businesses, and government agencies since 2013.

Amazon is a leading provider of consumer cloud services, including Amazon Web Apps, Amazon S3, and AWS S3 Service.

The Amazon Web App is a service that allows users to access Amazon Web Pages, which includes video, music, and photos from their devices.

Amazon has also been the top cloud provider for large businesses, with nearly 70% of all Fortune 500 companies having a cloud provider that is Amazon.

AWS is one the largest cloud providers in the world.

Amazon also owns the AWS computing and infrastructure business.

AWS owns and manages cloud computing infrastructure, data centers, and other assets across the AWS ecosystem.

AWS has a significant footprint in the health and social networks and is also a leading cloud-based cloud storage platform.

Amazon and Google, along, are the two largest cloud service providers in Asia.

Google owns the Android and Google Cloud Platform, which provides software and services for developers.

Google is the primary provider of cloud services for Google’s Android operating system.

Google also has the largest presence in the mobile and cloud computing industries, as well as the leading role in the web search business.

Amazon also has a major presence in cloud computing services.

The Amazon Cloud Platform is used by more than 10 billion Android and Chrome OS devices worldwide.

Google Cloud is used to run Android and other apps on Amazon Web Sites.

Google also owns and operates Amazon WebApps, which are the main way consumers access Amazon services.

AWS also offers APIs for developers to build apps that run on AWS.

AWS offers a set of free and paid services for consumers.

Amazon Web Applications provides developers with a set, free, API to build websites, apps, and video apps.

AWS Services also provides the core infrastructure that developers need to build cloud services on AWS for their own services.

Amazon has been working to make its services more widely available.

Amazon Web Services has also helped Amazon build the company into one of Europe’s biggest cloud providers, and it has expanded into other areas, including the health industry.

Amazon launched a new health-focused business on January 18, 2017.

In 2018, Amazon launched its own health-related business, Healthify, to compete with the likes of Google.

Amazon Healthify is focused on providing healthcare-focused cloud services and cloud infrastructure.

Amazon uses AWS to provide health- and wellness-related services for its customers.

The most interesting part of this list is that some of the tech giants on the list have also been on the forefront of healthcare efforts, like Amazon has announced a partnership with GE Healthcare, which is an example of the type of large business collaboration that Amazon can do with other businesses.

GE Healthcare was founded by GE CEO Jeff Immelt and former CEO Jeff Skoll.

The partnership has been announced since 2017.

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