In its first few years, the construction of a golf course in Chile’s interior was so controversial that even the country’s own president had to distance himself from the project.

But in 2017, a small, self-built course was installed in the heart of the country, and the surrounding area became known as the Pinehurst Golf Course.

A new wave of golf courses has sprung up in Chile since, and many of the courses are being built in response to the popularity of the world-famous PGA Tour.

It’s a trend that’s taking off around the world, as developers hope that they can tap into a global golf demand that has remained low.

But building golf courses is complicated and expensive.

The challenge in building a new course is the lack of planning and funding, and there’s also the fact that the area is largely inaccessible.

That means it’s often impossible to tell how much the courses will cost to build and what it might take to get them built in the first place.

One of the few ways to know the cost of a new golf course is to look at the money it will bring into the community.

To calculate the average price per square metre of a newly constructed course, a developer needs to know what its average annual income will be.

That’s the same for any new construction project.

And it is the average of these numbers that shows the average cost of construction.

A typical golf course cost $20,000 to build in Chile, which translates into an average of about $5,600 per square foot of land.

And that figure is for a typical, rural golf course built in a year, meaning it could be substantially cheaper in the cities than in the countryside.

That would be an enormous savings if it was possible to estimate the exact number of people needed to play the courses and their living costs.

So we’re looking at the cost per square meter of a large number of golf clubs and we’re also looking at their average annual revenue from that.

And we’re going to use that to calculate the cost for the project per square metres.

The average cost per acre of a major golf course was $11,500, which is an increase of about 25 per cent.

And so it would make sense to try and make the average square metre a little bit bigger, and therefore have a little more money to invest in a lot of the infrastructure.

That might sound like a lot, but it’s a lot less than what the average house costs in the US.

The real value of a small golf course The average annual profit per square kilometre of a course depends on the number of players and their spending habits, and this depends on many factors, including the size of the course, how often it’s played, the size and number of trees that grow there, the number and quality of the golf courses themselves, and so on.

But the most important factor is how well the course is played.

A good golf course will have plenty of players, and you’ll need to build an infrastructure that helps to keep the game going and provide opportunities for spectators.

This will help to ensure that people are enjoying the game as much as possible.

A golf course that is played well will attract a large crowd of spectators.

In some countries, this can be a significant benefit to the local economy, and in others it’s less important.

But some places, such as the United States, are trying to make golf courses more attractive by making them accessible and appealing to a wider range of people, particularly the young and the young at heart.

So what is the best value for money to give a golf club?

We’ll be looking at several factors here, and we’ll look at whether these factors can help to answer this question.

In the US, the cost to construct a golf resort is a lot lower than it might be in places where golf courses are more popular, but there are some key differences.

The main one is that golf courses in the United Kingdom and Australia are not as expensive as in Chile.

In both countries, the average annual cost per hectare of land for a golf range is about $2,400, which puts it in the same ballpark as a large house in the suburbs of New York.

The difference is that in the UK, the golf course can be made accessible by making it a lot smaller, so the average area that could play is much smaller.

In contrast, in Chile the average golf course area is only about 40 metres by 60 metres.

And, although the average average annual price per hectale is lower than in New York, the difference is quite small.

It may seem like a big difference, but in the context of the average American household, this difference in costs could be a huge advantage.

The best value of money to spend on a golf-course course is in the rural areas of the US There are two ways that we can look at how much a golf facility is worth. The

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