By Michael PurdyPublished December 12, 2016 08:45:06The latest from Nashville, Tennessee, and Dallas-Fort Worth, TexasAs the sun begins to set and the weather begins to warm, it’s time to get in your golf cart and get your golf fix.

The golf course in Nashville is a popular one, with over 500 holes, including the 18th-seeded par 5 at the Golf Course of America, and a few of the world’s best courses including Augusta National and The Links course at Oakmont.

The Texas Open in Austin and the Texas PGA Championship are in the distance.

(Jorge Silva/Associated Press)The golf courses in the Dallas-Ft.

Worth area are a bit less popular, but the prices are reasonable and they’re open on weekends.

You can hit the links at The Links in Oakmont, The Links at The Royal in Dallas, The Royal at The Glen at The Woodlands and The Royal Golf Club at The Ranch.

All in all, if you’re in the area, you should be able to get a nice round of golf without the hassle of getting to a nearby hotel or a flight.

“It’s a great spot to come and play,” said Tom Kallen, a Texas Golf Association official.

“It’s the most popular golf course we have in the state.”

We’re on a budgetWhen you’re a budget-conscious golfer, golf courses are an ideal way to get your money’s worth.

The prices for golf courses tend to be pretty low and the staff are generally friendly.

The courses in Dallas and Nashville have more holes than any other city in the country, and the prices have become more competitive as the weather has warmed.

“I’ve been to the fairways and the greens, but I haven’t been able to play golf here,” said Nick Rizzo, a Dallas resident.

Rizzo and his wife, Ann, recently bought a home in the Nashville area.

The couple has spent $50,000 of their own money on their home, but their savings were enough to cover the mortgage on their old house.

“We have a lot of money, but it’s nice to have something that we can invest in that we don’t have to buy expensive things that we really don’t need,” Rizzos said.

Rosa said the average cost of a golf course is about $50 per hole.

That’s $50 less than most other parts of the country.

“If we’re spending that much money and the cost of upkeep is $20 per hole, then we’re at a big disadvantage,” Rosa said.

The Dallas-Houston area has one of the lowest average golf courses costs in the nation, but that’s not to say that prices are cheap.

Dallas-Waco has the most expensive golf course, costing more than $150 per hole for some holes, but those are mostly for par-5s.

The cost of golf courses has been on the rise in recent years, with many courses now offering a $100-per-hole price tag.

Many of these courses are located in the city of Dallas, which has some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the United States.

“There’s a lot going on,” Rosa added.

“There’s going to be a lot more golf.”

Dallas and Nashville are also the only major cities in the world that have no rules regarding when golf courses can be used for tournaments.

There are no regulations about the type of golf course that is allowed, and there are no rules on when a player can use a golf club.

“The people who run the clubs are the people who make the rules,” Rosa explained.

“And if a club doesn’t comply with the rules, they can make the rule and they can shut it down.”

In Nashville, most courses are open on weekdays, but there is a limited number of golf par-4s.

The course in Dallas-The Woodlands, the most-visited of the city’s three golf courses with about 150 holes, is open on the weekends.

The only exceptions are par-3s and par-6s.

In that category, there are six par-2 holes and three par-8 holes.

The other two golf courses open on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with the remaining two open on Wednesday and Thursday.

For those that play the par-10s and higher, the course in The Woodland is the only option for the rest of the weekdays.

There are other rules that can be found on the golf courses websites, but if you do not have access to those, there’s plenty of information on the course’s website about what to expect and when to play.

Roma said that the best thing about being a golf enthusiast in the metro area is the quality of life.

“You don’t get to enjoy golf all the time, but you can

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