Golf courses are now getting the code to let them track players, too.

That means they’ll no longer have to pay to track players who leave or get injured.

Golf course owners have long been able to get the codes, but now, the National Golf Association said Tuesday, they can also use the codes on their own websites and through a partnership with the NCAA.

The NCAA and the National Association of Golf Clubs, which runs the golf tournament, teamed up last year to give the codes to about 30 golf courses.

The codes will be available to anyone with a website.

The National Golf Club Association and the NCAA say the partnership gives golf courses the option to track a wide range of players in a manner that helps them to better serve the public and meet its health, safety and accessibility goals.

“It’s a win-win-win for everybody,” said Steve Smith, the director of the association’s golf program.

“I’m proud of our partners at the NCAA, the NCAA’s partnership and the partnership with The Golf Course Alliance and the Golf Course Institute.”

Golf Course Network is the company that runs The Golf Courses Network.

The golf course code lets golfers track scores and distance on courses where they are playing.

That information will be automatically collected from players and used to identify injuries, and then posted on The Golf Clubs Network website for all to see.

The company also says that, thanks to the new partnership, it will also be able to better understand what’s happening on the courses to make better, more personalized recommendations to their golfers.

Golf Course Networks has been using the codes for years.

They are the basis for many of the sites on the golf courses that track scores, such as The Golf Club Insider.

Golf Club Network said it is already in the process of getting the codes and is working with other golf courses to create the required websites.

Golf courses, though, have long wanted a way to track how many players are playing on a course and how many times players have missed a round.

They also wanted to be able use the data to offer their players personalized information.

The code is just one part of that effort, said Michael A. Bickley, the executive vice president of technology at the Golf Club Industry Council, which represents golf courses and is a member of the golf industry association.

He said he expects the golf course industry to get back to its core goal of providing golf courses with accurate information about how many people are playing and how they are doing, which helps golfers and clubs avoid injuries.

“The industry has been working on this for quite some time, and it’s just a matter of getting a new partner that has that expertise to help us achieve that,” Bickly said.

He also said that, in addition to offering the codes now, he expects other companies to start using the code and adding it to their websites.

“This is an exciting time for the golf community,” Bicks said.

“There’s a lot of great information out there about golf that is available on the Internet, and that’s going to continue to grow over time.”

He added that golfers are increasingly interested in taking the time to learn about how their courses are playing, so the golf companies have to figure out ways to provide the best information they can.

He expects many companies will be adding the codes as part of their marketing efforts.

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