Pitman Golf Course in New York is the ultimate golfer’s dream.

The golf course has a 3,000-yard-long course and a 4,000 yards of par-3 par-4, par-5 and par-6 holes.

The course also boasts an 8,000 yard bunker and a 5,000 meter bunker, and there are 3,500 bunkers for each of the five courses.

The bunker is a unique feature of Pitman, as it is located in a natural crater, which is one of the few places in the world where the golf course remains stable during storms.

The natural structure is also a boon for golfers who want to challenge their skills in different areas of the course.

The first hole on the course, which features an eagle’s beak, is the largest hole in the entire course, measuring 11,000 feet in diameter.

It has been called the “most challenging hole in all of golf.”

The second hole, which has a par-five hole, is located on the western side of the golf property.

The third hole, dubbed “The Hole,” is located at the northern end of the property and is the third longest hole in Pitman.

The fourth hole, located on one of three fairways, is also the longest in the course’s history.

The fifth hole, called “The Holes,” is the first hole in a new course.

Pitman has been played by the U.S. Open winners and World Golf Championships-winner Dustin Johnson since 2009, and it has also hosted the Ryder Cup since 2013.

There are a few major events on the courses, including the Masters, which takes place at the course every year from April to September.

Pitmen was once a place of mystery, but now it’s a must-see attraction.

If you haven’t been to Pitman yet, check out our guide to New York’s best golf courses, plus we’ve got some of the best videos from the area.

Read more about Pitman golf: Pitman’s 3,300-yard bunker is unique.

The hole is an outcrop of a crater, a natural structure.

Pitmans first course, however, was a natural one.

The pitman course was formed by a small mound of soil, sand and rocks that had been excavated from a deep well that had previously been dug in the area, according to the Pitman Country Club.

The crater was formed from this original deposit, which then filled with water and formed the hole that Pitman now holds.

Pit men bunker is also unique in that it’s actually a bunker.

It was built over the course of four holes.

That means, during the course it can hold more than 3,200 golf balls, and is made of two different materials.

The Pitman bunker has a 1,500-foot-long bunker, which means that it can be used for bunker construction.

Pitmanton’s natural terrain makes the bunker extremely stable.

During a storm, the pitman bunker could be submerged in water for several hours, which could make it impossible to use the bunker during that time.

Pitmens bunkers are also extremely sturdy, as they were built from a concrete block.

Pit Mans bunker is one the most difficult holes in Pitmans history.

Its longest hole, nicknamed “The Pitman Hole,” measures 11,900 feet in length and weighs almost three times as much as the longest hole on Pitman that was created by an actual hole in nature.

Pitmouth golf course offers many other features, such as an 8.5-hole course that is the second longest in Pitmen history.

And, if you want to get into the real deal, you can take a virtual tour of Pitmans course.

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