Golf courses in the United States are being closed to protect the environment.

They’re open to everyone, but if you want to play a round, you’ll need to pay for it. 

A bill filed in the US House of Representatives by Congressman David Schweikert, D-Ill., would eliminate the rule for golf courses that allow golf carts and carts with a load of golf balls to play.

The bill is currently headed to the Senate.

It would also ban golf carts with golf balls in the back of them from being used on the fairways, and prohibit golf carts from traveling on courses that include artificial turf.

The House Rules Committee will vote on the bill on Thursday.

If it passes, the bill would be sent to President Trump for his signature, a process that is not expected to happen until next week.

The bill would also bar golf courses from requiring golfers to wear protective equipment like helmets and face shields, or even pay to cover their heads while playing.

“We are not going to allow this type of thing,” said John Fritsche, a spokesman for the Golf Course Association of America, which represents about 1,000 of the country’s most popular courses.

The National Golf Foundation estimates that more than 90 percent of golf courses in America don’t require a golf cart to play fairways or greens.

The foundation has a website dedicated to educating players about the safety of golf.

The issue of safety has long been a sticking point in the golf industry, with some companies charging fees to have golfers wear protective gear.

But the association said it was “extremely pleased” to see the rule being phased out. 

“I think it’s important to understand the rules of the road for the safety and the enjoyment of golfers,” said Tim Pappas, the association’s president.

“This is not a mandate, this is just a way to protect our environment.”

In the past, the American Golf Association (AGA) has lobbied for stricter rules for golf carts.

In December, AGA president Wayne Rooney told The Associated Press that golf carts are a “serious safety hazard.”

He also noted that golf balls can penetrate the backside of golf carts in some cases.

“The issue is the balls can be penetrating the back end of golf clubs,” Rooney said.

“And if they don’t go through the back wall, they can get into a golf course and then they can fall in the water and that could cause serious injury.”

In March, the AGA voted to remove a golf ball from the game, saying it was too dangerous for golfers.

“It is not clear what the actual safety standards are for golf balls,” the group said in a statement at the time.

“The AGA believes that golf clubs should not be the focal point of public life and that golf should be a safe sport.

However, we recognize that golf is a sport of extremes and the current rules do not address the hazards associated with these extremes.”

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