You’ve made a great first impression and are making a great impression with your resume.

Your boss will be so impressed that he or she will think twice before offering you the job of a lifetime.

You have earned the right to get a $20,000 bonus.

You know your boss is a sucker for people with great resumes and can offer him or her the job he or her would otherwise have to take on.

But this is a bad idea.

Here’s why.

It’s the worst way to make a great resume.

And there are a lot of bad things you can do with it.

There’s no way to know if you’ve made the right offer to the boss or not.

You can’t ask your boss for his or her opinion.

And you don’t have to offer a specific salary for the job.

You just have to know that your boss has a ton of money, and you have the ability to offer it.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the bad things that can happen when you try to make your resume an offer.

The first is a fake offer.

There are so many ways to make an offer look genuine that you can’t even begin to count them all.

Here are a few of the most common ways.

Fake Offer 1: You say, “We’ll work together to come up with an offer that works for both of us.”

This is a good first impression.

But if your boss doesn’t even know you’re working on his or herself, you have a real problem.

Your pitch will sound like a generic one about your work experience and the company’s culture.

The job description for the position you’re seeking may not even mention you.

The only people who might see this as an offer are people who have a good relationship with your boss and are willing to take the job because of the money.

You’re telling the wrong person about your job history and not the right one.

You may also have to write down details about your qualifications to help your boss remember them.

Fake Price Offer 1 (also known as the “deal of the day”): You ask for a discount or a bonus when you ask your manager for an offer of $10K or more.

If you want the offer to be for the first time, you need to send your resume to the HR department.

Your employer will then send you an email with a copy of the offer.

Then, the HR rep will email you a copy for the second time and ask for an opinion.

If the second email says you’ll get the offer on Tuesday or Wednesday, you probably have a better chance of getting it.

Fake offer 2: You ask the HR person for an immediate offer to $10M or more and they say, in the email, that it’s not an offer at all.

You might get the job on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

You don’t know what to make of this offer.

You should be asking your boss why they don’t want to offer you the offer at this point.

If they say they’re not ready to make the offer, you might think they’re trying to get you to sign a contract, which would make it harder to get the deal.

The HR rep says in their email that you should write down the offer in detail and send it to them with your request.

The offer is still a fake because you still have to pay the $10k in cash.

If your manager sends you a check for $10 and says it’s an offer, it’s probably an offer because the check has to be certified by the bank.

The next time you try, make sure you keep a copy and keep the original envelope for future reference.

Fake job offer 3: You tell the HR representative that you need the money for an internship, but you’re still offering the offer as a “deal.”

You’re trying so hard to make this offer seem genuine.

If this is the case, you should tell the manager you’ve written a letter to the internship provider asking for the $50K and the $25K in tuition assistance.

If it looks like the offer isn’t real, you may have to give up the offer and let your manager know that you’re no longer offering the job, because he or She might still want to accept the offer or he or the internship will be canceled.

Fake salary offer 3 (also called a “contractually binding offer”: a “good job offer”): Your HR representative says you have to accept your offer because you’ve been awarded a raise.

The contract specifies that you have until June 1 to accept it.

The letter says that this raises the pay to $15K.

If, when you accept your raise, you don`t get the raise as scheduled, you will have to reimburse the raise amount.

If at this time, your HR representative doesn’t want the job offered to you, you’ll need to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A

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