There’s an iconic place on Australia’s west coast where Aboriginal people once lived, but it’s currently a tourist attraction.

The legendary Glen Lendinor golf course sits on the shores of the famous Yarra River and is an important destination for those who enjoy the spectacular scenery.

However, Glen Lenderor has been closed to the public for years.

And while the current name of the course is still being debated, a new name for the golf course could be coming soon.

The Glen Lenders Golf Club was built in 1882 by the family of a man named James Lendenor, who was a member of the Indigenous Australian community at the time.

He later became the club’s president.

It was named after him and the name has become a popular tourist destination.

“Glen Lenderors is a very special place,” said John Millington, a member and owner of Glen Lendingors Golf Club.

“The name comes from the man who built it, James Lender, who came to the land from the north of the Territory and built the course.”

Mr Millingwood said it was a “unique” location for a golf course because of the location.

“It’s one of the oldest golf courses in the country and it was very important to the Aboriginal people because it had a great heritage,” he said.

The course has been named for James Lenders grandson, Glen Leonard Lendins.

“James Lender was a great golf course golfer, he was a leader and he was respected and admired in the community,” he explained.

“So I think that we are very proud to be associated with that name.”

The Glen Leonard Golf Club has also been named after a legendary figure in Australian sports.

Former footballer Frank Lloyd Wright once used the site as a training facility.

“I can remember when we played the National Football League here and Frank Lloyd and his son played in this very beautiful course,” said Mr Millingtons son.

“He was a very proud and loving father and I think Glen Leonard is the name that he gave to that.”

Mr Wright, who played for the Phoenix Suns, had been invited to play in a few games at the club in the 1920s, but refused.

“Frank Lloyd was so impressed with the golf club he didn’t want to come and play at the Glen Leonard,” Mr Milingtons son said.

“But he played a couple of games there and he told his son he would play here.”


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