Posted September 28, 2018 12:03:49After a few years of trying to find the best golf courses in Chase, a man in Chasas village has found one that fits his criteria.

The course is called Stonerige Golf Course and the owner, Mark Stoner, has been a member of the club since 2004.

The golf course is located in Stonerișne, a village in southern Romania.

Mark Stoner golf course location in Chasing.

Stonerige golf course manager, Liliu Radziulaită, said that she had to travel to Chaska in order to find an exact course location.

She said that it was very difficult to find golf courses and they all have the same shape, but there was one in particular that made me wonder.

The course is situated in the town of Chasing, in Romania’s north, just south of the Black Sea.

The distance between the course and the village is less than 1 kilometer.

Liliut Radziuleanu said that the golf course was in good condition and that it had a lot of grass and trees.

It is a bit smaller than the other courses in the area, but still quite a distance away from the village.

Stoner said that he first found the course in 2013 and he decided to put it on the market when it was on the way to his business.

He said that since then, he has visited the club every other year and has only found one other course that is the same.

He also said that they had recently installed a new course that has been in use since 2012.

He has been trying to purchase more courses in Romania for a long time.

The club has a golf course on the property, which is a great location for a golf club.

Mark Stiller said that although he had tried to find more golf courses that are the same size and shape, he found none of them.

The current golf course at Stonerigășe.

“There is nothing to stop me from buying a golf-course, but I have not found one in Romania,” Stoner said.

He added that he has been putting a lot more money into his business, since he has found another golf course that he could use.

He hopes to build a new golf course next year, so that he can continue to make money.

The club is now a part of the village and will be able to open its doors again.

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