A $3.2 billion golf resort and golf course built on a reclaimed site in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains was built with a little help from the federal government.

The project, which includes a new golf course on the same land, is the latest example of California Gov.

Jerry Brown’s bold efforts to help local businesses thrive in the state, where he has become a national figure in the fight to revive the tourism industry.

Brown, who has won three presidential elections and is considering a 2020 run, said he had no intention of making the project a tourist attraction, and the land was only being used as a buffer zone, to prevent the construction of a second golf course.

Brown told reporters that he wanted the golf course to be a destination destination, not a business development.

But he acknowledged that it would take at least six years for the project to begin operation, and that the federal loan would have to be repaid.

The golf course is being built by an entity called The Green Mountain Golf Association.

It will be run by David Laughlin, who is the founder of The Golf Club Group, a consulting firm that works with many of the world’s biggest golf clubs.

It is expected to be completed by late 2021.

The land is part of a parcel of land known as the “Greystone Golf Course.”

The property was sold to the California Golf & Country Club in 2013 for $3 million.

It has since been reclaimed for the new project.

Brown said he knew that the project was not going to be as successful as the $6 billion Pebble Beach resort, which was built in California by the billionaire brothers Jack and Dan.

The Pebble Beach project, completed in 2018, was criticized by environmentalists for its environmental impact.

The Greystone golf resort is expected be much smaller and less expensive than Pebble Beach, Brown said.

It also won’t have a huge footprint like Pebble Beach because of the smaller site.

The green golf course will be built on land that was originally used for a golf course before it was reclaimed and reforested for the resort.

The golf course was designed by the golf legend Pete Sampson, who also built the famed PGA Tour course at the Pebble Beach Resort in California.

Brown has repeatedly praised the project, saying it will create thousands of jobs and create thousands more jobs in the nearby town of Redding.

The plan for the Greystone project, a collaboration between the California Department of Parks & Recreation and The Green Mountains Golf Association, has attracted the attention of environmental groups, as well as environmentalists who want to stop construction.

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups have called for the county to block construction.

Brown announced that the $3,000 federal loan for the $2 billion project was due to be paid by the end of the year, and said he was looking forward to helping with the repayment of the loan.

The project has been funded by $7.5 million from the California Environmental Trust Fund.

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