Golf courses around the country are closing their doors as part of a global golf tour to mark the start of the golf season.

Golf courses that once hosted world-class players will have their courses shut down from the end of May to the start on 18 June.

Golf legend Rory McIlroy has been invited to play at the new courses.

He will take part in a round of round-the-world events at the golf course in Bournemouth.

Golfers who have been playing at the courses for many years are being offered a discount on their fees, and are being given a refund if they cancel their participation.

The tours aim to promote the golfing industry as an entertainment destination.

The UK’s biggest golf courses will have to close from May 19 to June 15.

BBC Sport has teamed up with a leading golfing travel website, Visit Golf, to offer golf courses around England a discount.

A visit to one of the courses will set you back £4,995 ($6,000), or £8,000 ($11,200) if you take a round trip on the golf courses.

For the golfers who do not have the time or money to take a full round trip, a round-trip flight on Virgin Atlantic can cost around £15,000.

It is worth noting that golf courses in some areas are closed during the summer months.

Golf course closures across England and Wales are likely to cause disruption for golfers, students and other visitors.

BBC News said the golf industry was not expecting to lose any money from the golf tour.

“There are some small and medium-sized courses, but overall golf is set to remain robust,” it said.

Golf tours have been popular in the UK for more than a century.

The sport was brought back into the spotlight with the opening of the Ballymena golf course and the Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee golf course.

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