Course is available at a pet store for Rs. 5,000 per hour.

A few weeks ago, the same trainer in the course gave his students a game for which they were supposed to score 50 points, the highest score possible, which is a huge accomplishment, according to a post on a blog called Indian Dog.

The trainer also revealed that, for the dog, the course is supposed to be the best of all dog training courses.

Here are some other things you can learn from this course.1.

Get the dog to sit at a corner.

If the dog is in a confined space, he will stand up or lie down on the ground and keep moving.2.

Give him a lot of treats.

Train the dog how to take treats, so that he will sit or lie on a chair when you give them.3.

Put a bucket in the dog’s mouth.4.

Train him to sit in a corner and then move to another part of the house.5.

Use toys.6.

Put him in a cage, which he can only go out of when he wants to.7.

Teach him to walk, climb stairs, and climb the steps in a circle.8.

Give the dog a treat in the middle of the day.9.

Teach the dog the rules of the game:  “When you are out of the cage, the dog has to keep going, stop when you are in the cage and stop when he stops.

When you are not in the box, the door has to be opened and the dog must follow the rule of the box.

When the box is closed, the box must be opened.

When it is open, the doors have to be closed.

When doors are closed, you cannot walk out of your house and you have to stay in your house for at least ten minutes before you can leave. 

The trainer said that the dog needs to have a solid foundation in order to start playing the game.

In fact, the trainer also said that he teaches his students that the dogs will never play if they are hungry or stressed.10.

Teach them the correct commands, including how to walk with their paws. 

He also said to give the dog an extra treat if he does not follow the rules.


Teach to sit on the floor.12.

Teach dogs to sit with their hind legs apart.13.

Teach how to go for the ball.14.

Train dogs to play catch. 

This is also a training course for the cat, he said. 


Train the dog for the agility course.16.

Train dog to run.

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