Bloomberg News – The future of driving is about to get a whole lot more like driving.

Google has a self-balancing car, called Project Loon, in the works that will travel at an incredible speed of 20 miles per hour over a 100-mile-long stretch.

The project, which is scheduled to begin in 2019, is designed to test the viability of autonomous driving in areas where traditional drivers and traffic are still very much at odds.

Drivers will be able to choose from an array of different driving modes, including city driving, highway driving, and highway cruising.

Google has already begun testing the Loon vehicles in the US, but the company says it is also looking at deploying them in other parts of the world.

“We think we can bring down the cost of driverless cars to an amazing degree and that’s really a major reason why we’re doing this,” said Larry Page, Google’s executive chairman and CEO, during an earnings call last month.

The goal is to reduce the amount of time and money it takes to get to the point where self-propelled vehicles can be sold and sold to the public.

Google is working with Volvo, Volvo Group’s largest customer, to develop the car.

The idea is to develop a vehicle that can drive itself on a highway with no human drivers at all.

There’s no need for a human to be present.

This means that the vehicle is able to be fully autonomous and can drive on its own, Google says.

While the technology is still in its early stages, Google has created a prototype that was shown to the press in November and has been testing the cars in real world conditions since last year.

The company says the prototype has been capable of a top speed of about 30 miles per hours and has traveled on a two-lane highway in the Mojave Desert.

The prototype has also been able to make 90,000 miles on one tank of gas.

The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 50 miles per day, and can go up to 120 mph in the 60- to 90-mph range.

Google says the car’s first road test will be in Los Angeles in 2018, and that the company will roll out the vehicles across the country over the next five years.

Google says that if the technology works as well as it says it will, it will have the ability to produce millions of Loon cars in the next decade.

This is a very different vision from the current state of the auto industry.

In 2015, a Google executive said that a self of the future would include a car that would be capable of flying itself around the world, as well.

While Google is still early in the process of testing the vehicle, the company has already demonstrated its technology in tests on its fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Google is also working with a number of private companies to build a self driving car that could one day be sold on the market.

For example, Google is testing a prototype of a self driven car that can travel between LA and New York City in less than four hours.

This vehicle, known as the Xtreme SUV, was demonstrated at CES earlier this year.

Google plans to have a self drive version of the Xv2 that can reach speeds of 120 mph by 2020.

Google also recently rolled out its own autonomous taxi service, called UberPool, in partnership with Lyft.

UberPool was designed to be more affordable for people who don’t have cars.

Uber said the Xs2 is the most affordable self-driven car in the market right now.

The Xs1, which Google purchased last year, was priced at $20,000.

Uber and Lyft have not announced pricing for the X2, but both companies have said they expect the vehicle to cost less than $10,000 for the first two years of operation.

Google’s self driving cars are designed to meet some of the same standards that are used to test driverless vehicles in other countries.

Google said it is developing autonomous technology that can operate on highways at 20 miles an hour.

Google’s vehicles will be equipped with sensors and cameras to make sure the vehicles are safely traveling over the road.

The cars can also take off from highways and land on their own, without any human drivers present.

Google said the Loons cars would be able go on to a full stop in about four minutes if a human driver was involved.

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