With golf’s global popularity surging and the world’s leading players set to return to the sport’s elite levels next year, golfers will be looking for a new challenge.

With this in mind, the PGA Tour and its clubs are already working on a new tour calendar for the 2022-2023 season.

This will be the first major season that will feature a new round of events each year, which are expected to be more popular than the current schedule.

This new schedule will be released in mid-May, and it is expected to provide more variety and variety in the major tournaments.

The biggest changes in this new tour schedule are expected in the P.A.C.s first two tournaments of the season, the Ryder Cup and the PBC.

The first event in this second tour is expected in February 2019, with the PBA, the Golf Writers Association of America, and Golf Digest all calling for the PBIA to increase its number of tour events.

The new schedule also includes the opening round of the PDC, which is expected as early as May.

The PBA is pushing for more golf tournaments and will likely call for a round of eight, a change that could be more favorable to players who have played on two major tournaments or three.

With more tournaments in the middle of the calendar, the schedule could look more like the old schedule, which saw many more tournaments than the one that the PPI has now.

The PBA and other golf organizations have been pushing for a shorter, more manageable tour schedule.

With more tour events in the new tour, the majors will see a lot more playing, but it will also give the PPGP more time to play in a bigger field.

The tournament calendar for 2022-23 is expected come the end of the year.

The new tour will also have a lot of opportunities for players to work with other players, which will be very beneficial to players.

With the new schedule, players will be able to work alongside the same player, who will be playing on the same team.

This can also be a big boost for players who are not in the same position as the top players, who may need to work harder to stay in contention.

As a result, the tour will be a lot less crowded.

Players will be more likely to get to work on the course they want to play on, rather than having to wait around in the back of a car to get there.

Players who have not played on a tour this big in a while will have a much easier time getting the most out of the tour.

Players who play on tours will be less likely to be paired up with a team of the same nationality.

This is a benefit to players playing in the United States, where a majority of the tours are played by U.S. players.

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