Posted July 01, 2018 05:00:56The Australian Outdoor Course Company is rolling out a new golf course in Perth’s CBD, and it promises a new way of getting to grips with the sport.

Key points:Auckland-based ATC has installed a three-course golf course for its first ever Australian Outdoor courseIn this new course, players can hit and go through the ropesThe course will be open for two weeksThe course, which will be the first of its kind in the country, has been set up to accommodate players from the city and regional areas of Perth.

The course is located at the corner of North Avenue and North Terrace, a few minutes’ walk from the popular North Point Golf Club.

“We are building a new course that is going to give people from the Perth area the opportunity to experience golf in a different way,” ATC CEO Chris Wood said.

“It’s about going up to the top of the hills and playing on the top bunkers, and then the greens on the other bunkers.”

I think we’re going to find a great mix of different types of golfers from around the region and really try to bring them together to go out and play with their mates.

“The new course is part of the company’s bid to grow the company, which has been struggling to find new clients and expand its business since the closure of the last Australian Outdoor golf course, the Perth Golf Course, in 2018.

The company has since started the development of a new club, the Glenmore Golf Course.”

When we went through the process to do Glenmore we knew we wanted to build a new business, and we’re hoping we can do the same with the Perth course,” Mr Wood said in a statement.”

So we’re really pleased to have this new golfing facility and are really looking forward to welcoming a new group of people to the Perth region.”ATC is also rolling out an experience that will give new recruits a chance to experience the sport for the first time.ATC will be launching a new online course, entitled the “Wings Course,” which is open to new players from August 11.”

There’s not just one course, there are five courses in this course and there’s a new three-and-a-half hole in the middle.””

The whole course is about getting to the highest and most challenging places in the course.”

There’s not just one course, there are five courses in this course and there’s a new three-and-a-half hole in the middle.

“The course itself is actually very short, but there’s still an overall experience of going up the hill, doing the ropes and going through the holes.”

The course offers the chance to take the course on an indoor or outdoor course.

There are three levels of golf: beginners, intermediates and elite, with more options for the more advanced player.

Players will have to spend $5,000 for the course to start, and players can add to their credit card to add to the cost of the course from $7,500.

A lot of the money will be going towards the development and maintenance of the new course.

Players can also expect to find other challenges in the game of golf, like the new “baddie” course, where players compete with each other on a two-hole, par-3-style course.

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